Must Be Present to Win!

The Secret to Finding the Opportunities in Business and Life That Other People Miss!

Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever. You can’t afford to stand on the sidelines and hope that business will come your way. What if you could eliminate the constant distractions that compete for your time and get laser-like focus? You’d discover that there are more opportunities than you could possibly imagine - the challenge is recognizing them, realizing their full potential…and being ready to take action to get the results you deserve.

In this highly interactive and entertaining session, marketing and customer service expert Ron Rosenberg will show you how to be “present to win” with seven specific strategies to help you get tangible results in all areas of your work and your life.

In this all-new program from Ron Rosenberg, you’ll discover:

  • How to recognize the opportunities that are worth pursuing
  • Why “standing on the sidelines” is a sure recipe for failure
  • Strategies for  “stirring the pot” to draw out hidden opportunities
  • The real reason most people waste their marketing efforts
  • How to know when a “coincidence” is much more than it seems


Find out why Ron Rosenberg’s conference sessions are always filled to capacity, and start benefiting from the opportunities that other people miss!

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