Swimming Every Day!

By Ron Rosenberg

Water Areobics

I started training in karate back in college, and on several occasions, we had the great opportunity to train with Okinawan Master Angi Uezu during his visits to the United States.

Although his English was limited, he was an outstanding teacher - knowledgeable, passionate about his art, and extremely funny.

One thing he said constantly was "You must train each day, each day." This is good advice I have tried to follow - both in my karate training and in my life in general.

I recently ran into someone who is following a similar strategy...and for very compelling reasons.

More Inspiring Than a Marathon Runner...

I was at our health club, swimming laps last week. At the far end of the pool, in the next lane, was a woman jogging in place and using Styrofoam "dumbbells" to get resistance against the water.

She wasn't in the best shape, and the exercises were clearly difficult for her, but she kept on working through her routine.

After about 15 minutes, I finally stopped to talk with her for a minute. I told her that she was awesome and that she had already done more exercise in the last 15 minutes than most people do in a month.

She explained that she had been in a car accident a few months ago; and as a result, she couldn't walk, and had temporarily lost her eyesight. Not wanting to live like this, she started a rigorous physical-therapy regimen.

She slowly regained her eyesight and ability to walk, and progressed to the exercises I saw her doing in the pool.

I told her how impressive that was, and she said that she was in that pool every day. In fact, about 20 minutes later, I saw her leave the lap pool...and walk over to the other pool where she took part in a water-aerobics class.

This was an inspiring story because she really took the lesson of "each day" to heart, and was making dramatic improvements in her health and well-being as a result.

What are some daily physical, mental, and spiritual practices you should be committing to in your own life?

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