Technology Breakthrough Workshop

How to “Tame the Beast” and Use Technology to Save Time and Increase Revenue! 

Technology is great, with new innovations becoming available almost every day.  But is it really worth all the time, money, and effort to make it work together effectively? Like any resource, it’s only valuable if it delivers a measurable return on investment.

In this highly interactive and entertaining session, marketing and customer service expert Ron Rosenberg will show you how to make technology work for you instead of draining your time and resources. He’ll share with you proven tools and strategies that have enabled him to operate a multi-faceted business on a limited budget and with minimal staff.

In this all-new program from Ron Rosenberg, you’ll discover:

  • Social media: is it worth the effort…the answer may surprise you!
  • How to use marketing automation to convert more leads into customers
  • The secret to being in two places at once and making money while on vacation
  • Three easy tricks to get your e-mail opened…and actually read


Find out why Ron Rosenberg’s conference sessions are always filled to capacity, and how to tame the technology beast before it wreaks havoc with your business!

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