What's a "Workation?"

By Ron Rosenberg

We just got back from a working vacation in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. And even though we took plenty of time out to play, we did have high-speed internet, and we did get a lot of work done.

We tried to come up with a clever word for what this trip was: a "working vacation" - that made it either a "workation" or a "verk," and since the first one sounded better, we went with that one!

The cabin we stayed in was very small, but we managed to set up shop there quite nicely.

One of the amazing things, which you can see from the photo on the right, was that everything we needed for an extended trip fit either in or on our car - and this included our clothes, our kayaks, our bikes, and our office!

These were the essentials for a "workation" at the lake, and it was amazing that we could fit a "functional life" into (and on top of and behind) a Honda CR-V.

This was because we only brought the essentials. We packed what was necessary to get our work done, and what we didn't have, we found a way to get it done through other means.

In a way, this is very similar to the concept of the core competency - the parts of you, your company, and your life that only you can do, or that you can do better than anyone else.

And just like we looked "outside" of our surroundings to get other things done, if it's not a core competency for you, it should be eliminated, automated, or outsourced.

When you think about it, your core competencies are probably very specific and compact, just like our essential belongings.

If you take some time to consider exactly what they are, you might just be able to shed all the extra baggage that's slowing you down and become more nimble and responsive.